Insurance Repairs

ADB Constructions are local insurance builders that are ready and available to help you through every step of the insurance repairs process. Having worked with every type of repair, to every type of building, whether you have experienced something minor, or a major event like flash flooding, we are here to help. From knowing what to look for when it comes to completing thorough assessments to efficient communication with clients and industry partners, we can complete any insurance repair quickly and efficiently.

ADB Constructions - Insurance Builders

Make Safes

We are able to assist you in an emergency by quickly actioning a Make Safe. First step is to ensure everyone is safe and then our experienced insurance staff will work to prevent further damage from occurring to the property. This may be through tarping the roof, boarding up windows or anything else as needed.

ADB Constructions - Make Safes

Fire Damage

Have peace of mind that your insurance builder knows what they are doing. Our staff are experienced and proficient in repairing fire damage to your premises. Smoke odour can affect structures for a long time to come so it’s important to have your property thoroughly assessed before repairs are completed to ensure no lasting damage remains.

ADB Constructions - Fire Damage

Causation Reports

Our staff can provide comprehensive causation reports to identify the cause of damage to your premises. We regularly and efficiently conduct inspections to report on all areas of damage and commonly prepare; roof reports, electrical reports, plumbing reports and leak detection reports.

ADB Constructions - Reporting

Water Damage

Water damage can come in many forms. Our team has the experience in understanding that water can cause serious mould issues on building materials. We strive to be thorough in making sure that we inspect all areas of the building that have been affected to find the source of the leak. We work closely with quality restorers to ensure our repair scopes are cost effective and compliant.

ADB Constructions - Water Damage

Storm Damage

We are here to help you weather the storm. Storms in Australia have been increasing in intensity in recent years with volatile changes in our weather systems. Damage to your property from weather may include flooding, hail damage, damage from high winds and more. From the initial inspection through to the final sign off, we provide you quality and service second to none.

Adb Constructions - storm damage

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